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Easter Bookshelf

May 20, 2012

Possum is 6 years

Bandicoot is 3 years 10 months

Little Princess is 1 year 2 months (16 months)


Today at Church we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension.  The Ascension?  How did that happen?  That means next week will be Pentecost already and the end of the Easter season.

Well, oops.  I had best get this post posted!  I have had it sitting in draft form since way back in Lent.  How time flies.


As you probably guessed from the title, these are the books that we have had to read during the Easter season.

The Bible for Me series are a bit of a favourite around here.  You might remember that we have the Christmas one, too.  The story is divided up into chapters of one or two double page spreads, which makes it perfect for devouring in bite sized chunks.  And, personally I love the pictures!



This is another Easter Bible that we have.  It has more detail in it, and is slightly more hard core (Easter isn’t really G rated).  It is very good, ‘though.  I especially like that some extra topics, like the story of Judas, are given their own billing.

CCF06042012_00000(This book is Jillian Harker and illustrated by Jane Swift.  I haven’t been able to find it in print anywhere (Paragon), but Amazon do have a few second hand ones listed.)

image I bought this one to use with our Resurrection Eggs.  It is a great story of a little boy living in Jerusalem at the time of the first Easter.  I liked the idea of telling the story from a child’s point of view.  Unfortunately, the story is long and I left it too late to start.  Next year I will start this book a week or two before Easter and read a story a day from it.

image Have you read any of the “Parable of…” series?  They are beautiful stories!  I cried when I read this one.  The story can stand alone, or you can use it as a Bible study with the passages on each page.

Little Kids’ Books

This one is a real favourite, especially with the littlest ones:



And this one?  Well I actually bought it for my baby nephew, but it never made it.  Little Princess is just mad about it.



More Bunnies…. and a Bilby

These books are not Easter books, but someone has to bring the chocolate…

image image

 image  image

Oh, all right, the Bilby one IS an Easter book!


Ducks and an Emu…

image      image

image    image


And while we are looking at New Life in the garden…



 image (This book seems to be out of stock everywhere, but Amazon do have a few second hand ones listed.)



Activity Books

image Oh the boys loved this one!  It is just what you would expect- lots of sticker fun from Lois Rock.

image I really like the look of this one, but to be honest, the kids didn’t get around to it this year at all.  I might pull it out as new next Easter.  This one has a “split page”.  Approximately the top 2/3 to 3/4 of the page has a scene and part of the Easter story on it.  You need to complete the picture with the stickers.  The lower portion of the page has other sticker activities related to the story or picture on the top of the page.

image This is a more complex puzzle book – probably for ~ 7 year olds.  When I received it, I had intended to put it away until next year, but Possum found it and loved doing all the mazes in it.  The word puzzles were still beyond his abilities.

image We have had this one going for a couple of years now.  Possum and I really enjoy it, and Bandicoot had a bit of fun this year, too.  It has the Easter story written in chapters, but certain words are missing from the story.  You need to put in the picture stickers to complete the stories.



*phew*!  That is quite a few of them.  I love being able to pull out books on a theme like this!  I hope you have enjoyed some Easter books, too.

He is Risen!! Alleluia!

April 9, 2012

He is risen, indeed!  Alleluia, Alleluia!!



The family at the 6am Easter service…

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Loaves and Fishes

April 6, 2012

Possum is 5 years 11 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 9 months

Little Princess is 1 year 3 months (15 months)

Right about now I am looking for an Easter miracle.

In the Catholic (and the Orthodox) tradition(s), the Easter Tridium is a time of prayer, reflection and fasting.  The celebrating happens starting on Sunday (well, after the Easter Vigil on Saturday night).  The Lutherans that I know around here start celebrating on Thursday night.  Many of them have big gatherings and feasts on Good Friday.

Not that one way is right and the other wrong, but when DH and I have grown up in two different traditions, this is one of those times it gets a bit confusing.

As a compromise, I fast, but only by the modern Roman Catholic directions, he eats a little less and we don’t party up big.

Thus, I was making a vege casserole in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

Enter SIL #1.  Our 19yo nephew from interstate is moving to a city 100km from here.  His Mum (DH’s sister) and his brother have decided to drive him over.  They had planned to stay at our place overnight, but thought that they would arrive late and leave early, leaving catch-ups until next week.

Except that they got a good run on the roads and are now looking at arriving several hours earlier (and require dinner).

Now Enter BIL.  We are still assembling that ginormous cubby house.  DH’s brother has come around after Church today to help with the roof.  He also would like to see his sister, seeing as she is arriving earlier.

And he has a wife (SIL #2 for this post) and four kids.

And none of them fast on Good Friday.

3pm was not a good time to find out about these changes, not when the kids need to eat in 2 hours and the shops are shut!

SIL #2 and I had a discussion on the phone for about 15 minutes as we rummaged in our fridges and pantries.  I think that with pasta and pooling of our salad veges we might just pull it off.  I have found some bread for garlic bread and I will bake a cake (bake a cake on Good Friday???) and hopefully no one will starve.

My pantry is pretty low – catering for fasting days and then going to a function on Sunday, and so was her’s (she hasn’t had a chance to go shopping as she is in the choir at Church), so really that everyone will get something on their plates IS an Easter Miracle.

It’s a Mainly Music Easter

March 30, 2012

Little Princess is 1 year and 3 months (15 months old)


On Mondays and Fridays it is just Little Princess and Mummy.  The boys are at school and preschool so it is girl time.  We have split it so that Mondays are Mummy’s Day and Fridays are for Little Princess – or as much as possible, anyway.

On Friday mornings we go to Mainly Music at our Church.  This group started last winter and Bandicoot was devastated when his preschool days clashed with it.  This year, Little Princess has really made it her own.

Every three weeks the amazing team of volunteers changes the theme.  The last three weeks (including today) we have been warming up to Easter.  Today, once the music and food finished, we had some real Easter fun.

They had an Easter egg hunt in the grounds of the Church (they used plastic eggs that had been filled with little goodies – crayons, stickers, stamps and the like).  Little Princess (and several other of the little people) had a blast just playing with the eggs, taking them in and out of the big tub, rattling them around, rolling them.  I hadn’t realised how much fun they could be.

They also made this wonderful chicken paper-plate craft.  Again the gorgeous volunteers had done all the work, so it was just right for the average age of the group (we have mostly little people there this term).  Little Princess loves her chicken!  I hope it will last until Easter so that we can use it as a centrepiece on the table.

IMG_4154Cute, huh? 


And then, as if things weren’t special enough, they were each given another plastic egg – this time with a decadent truffle or marzipan filled European chocolate egg inside, as well as a little fluffy chicken.  WELL, you don’t need to ask Little Princess twice about chocolate.  In it went, all in one go!  She is a real little woman, that one – understands the importance of chocolate completely.  She just loved it.  We were given two more to bring home to her big brothers.  I am pretty sure she will do her Oscar-nominated woe-is-me pretend cry when they get them and we don’t have one left for her!

As we were leaving, she was given another parcel, made up by one of the volunteers:


and inside:


Yes that is a hand-blown, decorated egg (okay, mouth-blown, but you get the idea.)  How special is that?


I was speaking to one of the older ladies there.  She told me about a tradition in her family as her kids grew up.  For lunch on Easter Sunday they had “Russian Eggs”.

These were hard boiled (and I guess coloured, as she is an egg-colouring champion) eggs.  Each person had to carefully peel their egg and cut it in half.  If the yolk was right in the middle they needed to carefully scoop it out, but if it was on the side, it was even more tricky – they needed to hollow it out leaving a little egg-boat intact.  Then, carefully, they added in oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, placed the scooped out egg back on top and POP!  Pop it all in their mouth in one go.

Doesn’t that sound like a yummy thing to do?