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Day 2 Tears

February 2, 2012

Possum is 5 years 8 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 6 months

Little Princess is 1 year 1 month (13 months)

Yesterday, Possum started “Big School”.  He loved it.  LOVED it.  How much?

“Why do we have to have school holidays?  Why can’t I just go to Big School and stay there for ever and ever?”


This morning was a different matter.  It was a miserable rainy day – even more so than yesterday.  It was dark outside.  And he had to start earlier than yesterday.

Worse than that, when he got dressed this morning, he forgot he had to wear his uniform and put on a comfy T-shirt and pair of shorts, ready for a wet, loungey day.

It went downhill from there.


And he is not alone.  Last night I was watching an old episode of Jimmy’s Food Factory (the Breakfast episode).  Jimmy made his own Rice Bubbles and there was also some slow motion, close-up footage of popcorn popping.  I thought to myself how much the kids would enjoy that and that I should show them today.

And then it hit me.

No Possum.  No Possum again today.  Nor tomorrow.  Nor almost ever again.

I really don’t like the forever bit of this school thing.  Actually there is so much of this school thing that I don’t like.



I want my Possum back.