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Lemony Goodness!

August 24, 2014

Possum is 8 years 3 months

Bandicoot is 6 years 1 month

Little Princess is 3 years 7 months


We have been away this weekend, to a town just outside our city.  To get there, we needed to drive through some of the small amount of farmland remaining on the outskirts of our city.

And, consequently, past roadside fruit and vege stalls.

I have been working to increase the amount of fresh produce that we eat, so this seemed like a good time to pick up some goodies.

The prize find was a stall about 15km from our home.  The produce looked beautiful and was very affordable.  We bought a tray of oranges – one of the few things Little Princess will eat – and a bucket of lemons.  Just this morning Bandicoot and I had been discussing making lemon squash when we found some cheap lemons.  Providence!

The two little ones have had a wonderful time this afternoon making fresh squeezed orange juice and lemon squash.  And I had so much fun with them that I forgot to take any pictures!

And what delicious lemon squash it was, too.

Here is the recipe:

~300mL fresh squeezed lemon juice (approximately 5 lemons)

2/3 cup white caster sugar

Stir the sugar into the lemon juice until it dissolves.  Mix with water (for lemonade) or soda water (for squash) at the rate of 1/3 cordial to 2/3 water.