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Things I know Friday – er, Saturday (9/10th December Edition)

December 10, 2011

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Aah, so it is the middle of Advent and time for a Things I Know session.  I am guessing that this might have a particular theme to it.


Things I know today:

I know that I am exhausted.  My body clock is a mess – up half the night, falling asleep when I sit down, slipping into a coma when I breasfteed (well, not quite, but definitely a stupor.)

I know that even though I am trying hard to ignore it, and to embrace the peace of the season, I have panic going on deep, down there.

I know I am SICK of the shops.  That has never happened before.  In previous years I have enjoyed going to the shops for a coffee or a wander just to soak up the atmosphere even after I have finished my shopping.  This year I don’t even want to go back to buy milk.  Admittedly, in previous years I have not had three preschoolers in tow.

I know that I am worried about Christmas.  We are travelling interstate to spend Christmas with my in-laws.  We will be away for four weeks in total.  I am in such a state trying to work out what we need and get it ready.  I am also quite concerned about my wild boys in their grandparents’ house and in their aunty’s house (her wild boys are a bit bigger these days.)  I know that I will be much better when I sit in the car on the 22nd of December.

I also know that I am a bit of a grumpy old troll at the moment.  Secretly, I am so glad that Possum is giving up gymnastics for a term.  Next week is his last session.  (And I am also glad that his favourite coach is leaving, because it means we can change clubs to one that is more accessible.)  I am also glad that our other regular activities are winding down.  I am even glad that it rained earlier so that I can can the idea of us going to Carols by Candlelight tonight.  (Oh no!  A humbug, too!)

I know that this last year has been really hard.  It has probably been one of the hardest of my life.  Three littles is no walk in the park.  The daily struggle to do anything – the amount of time it takes getting people into a car for example (15 minutes, assuming they are co-operating) – it has been very taxing.  And my back hurts too much from struggling with seatbelts.  Toilet training, new baby, school transition, illnesses, just to name a few of that bonus activities.

I also know that I am so glad that I got to have them all at home together for a year.  They are great friends, even if they fight!

I know that our current lifestyle cannot continue.  With all that has been going on, we have been running largely on survival mode for a long time.  I know we can’t keep up like that.  The family is running low on all the things that make life happy and good.  Next year I am hoping to add more homemaking back into my agenda.  It is a long way to go before we are featured in a coffee table magazine, but life running a little more smoothly will be nice.  (Hopefully I will have a little more energy with Possum at Big School, *sniff*, Bandicoot at Kindy, *sniff*, and Little Princess having turned 1, *sniff*.)


I also know that I need DH to help me find the Christmas CDs.  (Hello, Sweetie!  *waves*  I know you are out there!!)

And given the oozey swamp of thoughts in my head right now, well that’s a lot of stuff to know!



Things I Know Friday

October 13, 2011

Playing along with Shae and Yay for Home via Sam-O at Living Life Playing the Glad Game


Things I know…

I know that today is Friday.  It shouldn’t be, because I haven’t been to bed yet for Thursday night, but somehow it is.

I know that I am really looking forward to being away this weekend, but I am not looking forward to going away.  Or to coming back for that matter, either.

I know that going away involves me packing for four people.  I also need to organise the washing (which I know I should have hung on the line earlier than I did), the toys, the food…  I know I hate packing.  I know I don’t want to do it, but that I should probably have done it already.

I know that DH will pack his stuff and grab CDs and never know what I do to get us out of the house.  And I know that packing doesn’t bother him.  Mismatch?

I know that when I come back, somehow every item of clothing that we own will need to be washed again.  We have never really encouraged the kids to hold back for fear of getting dirty, but seriously?  There is some serious skill involved in accumulating so much washing.

I know I need to get the meat out of the freezer ready for Sunday night’s dinner when we return.  I am not doing it now.  It is the middle of the night.  I know I will probably forget in the morning…

I know that Bandicoot gives the best snuggles of anyone in this house.  Hands down.  Actually, he is probably the best snuggler in the whole world, he is that good.  Sometimes I am jealous of his future wife, getting all those snuggles, when I only get them for a short time.  Still, I will take what I can get!  (She better be nice.)

Last night, when everyone else was in bed and I was up doing something, he did a sleepy wandering through the house.  I took him back to bed and snuggled down for a second lot of sleepy snuggles in the one night.  I know that was great.

I know I miss him now that he is a big boy sleeping in his own bed.  *sniff*  I know we want them to grow up, but why do they do it so fast?

I know I better post this and go to bed, or I will meet myself in the hallway getting up!

What do you know this Friday?

Things I Know Friday

September 30, 2011

Playing along with Shae and Yay for Home via Sam-O at Living Life Playing the Glad Game


Things I know…

I know this is a cheater’s way to do a blog entry, but it might get me to write one each Friday.

I know that I am not ready for it to be October yet.  Where has this year gone?

I am so glad that my sister is healthy and home from hospital, even if the surgery was way more radical than expected.

I know that pink is a gorgeous colour.  I am glad that it makes my Little Princess look so pretty, and that she is happy to wear it.

I know that Zhu-Zhu pets are lots of fun.  Bandicoot, Little Princess and I have been chasing two guinea pigs around the lounge room for ages now.

I know that ordering a cubby house for the backyard is impressively difficult.

I know that I need some extra sleep.  And some extra discipline to make the most of the sleeping time I do have!


What do you know this Friday?