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Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

Bandicoot is 4 years 7 months

Little Princess is 2 years 1 month

IMG_7321Cards Bandicoot made for some of his friends

I really like the outside of this one:IMG_7324

IMG_7325 Little Princess working on some cards of her own.  Isn’t the concentration beautiful?


Too Much On…

February 10, 2013

Possum is 6 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 4 years 7 months

Little Princess is 2 years 1 month

What a hectic week this is!  I love to mark the passage of the year by celebrating the various significant events and feasts.  This week, however, is a doozey.

Today, as you may know, is Chinese New Year.  Good Fortune to You!


We had planned to go into the city today to visit the CNY markets – to enjoy the food, the music, the crafts and activities for the kids.  We got as far as the train station where we discovered that there was trackwork across the CBD, meaning that we would need to catch a train partway then change to a bus (and, honestly, rail-buses are NOT something that blow my hair back).  We ditched that idea in favour of visiting a much more local Chinese restaurant for lunch and DH is in the process of cooking pot-stickers for dinner.


I had planned to do some crafts with the kids – movable cardboard dragons (I have the templates), spiral paper snakes (it is the Year of the Snake), paper lanterns…  Instead we came home and cleaned out the guinea pig hutch and cubby house and collapsed from a busy day.

Aah well.  Maybe we will have a chance to go and watch the dragon boat racing next weekend.  (I am not sure how I will go with that.  I was a highly competitive dragon boat paddler, way back when – you know, before kids.  Hopefully I will be able to be a good sport as a spectator if we do go watch.)

At least I got a chance to explain the significance of eating noodles and dumplings at CNY to the boys.


But that is not the only event this week.  St Valentine’s Day is looming.  I know it is not until Thursday, but the kids need to get their “Valentines” sorted for posting/delivery.  Bandicoot will need to have his ready for his fiancée girlfriend sweetheart BFF (and his other BFF) for Tuesday, for example.  We don’t celebrate St Valentine’s Day in a big way, like in the US, but it is nice to remember our nearest and dearest.

However, those two pale into insignificance when we consider that this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.

Lent is a significant time for us.  Easter is the most important occasion on our calendar and Lent, as the preparatory time has a lot of meaning.  This all starts with Ash Wednesday (or Shrove Tuesday – don’t even talk to me about blini and pancake pressure!), and that means this is a heavy focus week.

It is a struggle to explain Ash Wednesday, Lent and Easter to children, especially to young children.  It is hard enough for me as an adult to get my head around (I guess that is why Mother Church gets us to take this journey every year), let alone their sweet little heads.  I feel the pressure, too, because our kids do not have the benefit of the kind of Church or school that I did – one that took the gravity of the Lenten season quite seriously, and made sure even the youngest understood what we were doing and why.

And so I turn to the internet.

Have you tried Googling Lent for kids or similar?  The response is overwhelming.

There are so many entries, many of them not suited to our family (ages or stages), quite a few are.  It is a huge job sifting through this information to find what would work for our kids.

And then, once I have found the ideas that are suitable, to thin them out and choose the one or two that we can actually do consistently enough for the experience to be meaningful.

Oh, and then there is the actual implementation.

And somewhere amongst all this I am trying to fit in English and Maths and preschool activities and family life and….

Never rains but it pours!

Playgroup Craft – Valentines

February 12, 2012

Possum is 5 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 7 months

Little Princess is 1 year 1 month (13 months)


Most weeks we attend a playgroup for 0-5 year olds.  Each week one family brings morning tea for everyone and another brings a craft activity for any of the kids who would like to do it.

Craft is my thing.  I can prepare it before hand.  I have enough trouble getting our mob into the car and there on time without having to cut up fruit and bake muffins!  Fortunately, some of my playgroup friends love doing this and would hate to do craft.

Playgroup craft is aimed at approximately 2.5yos, but there are kids much older and much younger in the group, too.

This week I am doing a Valentine’s Day craft.


Now I have done collage activities with my kids before for Valentine’s Day, and have happily cut out hearts, hearts and more hearts freehand, but this time, I wanted them all the same shape so that they would go together nicely.  My first idea was to try and find some cookie cutters (er, I mean biscuit cutters, DH!) and trace them.  Then I had a much smarter idea – I found a heart template.

It is more than I would spend if I was doing this activity just at home, but as I was making 30 sets of these for playgroup, it seemed worthwhile!

Then I had the clever idea of using one of those shape cutters.  I couldn’t find one in the shops easily (always the way, isn’t it?  I am sure that I have seen them everywhere previously!) and I convinced myself it was a luxury, anyway.  On the off chance I asked my friend Sam-O if she had one.  I am so glad that she does, even if I might need to buy her a new blade.

I am linking to this tutorial, because the written instructions had me going crazy.  It is, however, really super-dooper easy to use.


Soooo…. back to the craft.

Cut out your hearts in various colours and sizes.  (I used cheap wrapping paper, mostly.)


 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3787 

Have your compulsive counter count the total number of hearts over and over and in various ways, just for a bit of fun…


Gather a set of hearts of each size.  Here you can do a sorting exercise if you want with the kids or you can just do craft – they sort them anyway, even if you don’t do it formally.

Glue them one on top of the other, from largest to smallest.  (Note- it is less messy to put the glue on the back of the top piece rather than on the front of the bottom piece.)





So now you can leave it as it is, write a message on the back, punch a hole and thread a ribbon, stick it on the front of a blank card….

Happy Valentine’s Day with the Little Ones.

My Sweet Valentine – a Teaser

February 11, 2012

Possum is 5 years 9 months

Bandicoot is 3 years 7 months

Little Princess is 1 year 1 month (13 months)


St Valentines’s Day is just a few days away so here are some teasers of some of my inspirations:

“We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)






The Day It Rained Hearts

By Felicia Bond

Summary: This is a sweet story of the day it rained hearts on Cornelia Augusta.  Like snowflakes, Cornelia’s hearts were all unique.  With each heart, Cornelia decorates the hearts for different people.  Though it never rained hearts again, Augusta manages to make special hearts each year. 






Romans 8:39
"Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

A book that goes with it is:

clip_image002[7]By Debi Gliori / Houghton-mifflin

Will Large love Small forever, no matter what? The answer – of course – is yes, as every parent knows. But sometimes little ones like Small need to be convinced. Large knows just how to reassure Small in this warm, tender, and irresistible story about the unconditional love between a parent and child.



Heart Fingerplay

I put my hands together, (put palms together)
This is how I start.
I curve my fingers right around, (curve fingers down so that fingernails touch)
And I can make a heart!

image With this activity pack.




Family Valentine’s Day Party